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Network Rail Improvement Work Nearing Completion

Work is progressing well on the railway improvements projects being carried out by Network Rail on a section of the Great Western Rail route between Langport and Castle Cary. The work consists of two phases:

  • Work to strengthen the embankment at two locations
  • Maintenance work on the Bridge over Somerton Road

The work is planned to last until the end of March, with some disruption to traffic flow through the town.

Progress so far

The work is going on well and Langport residents appreciate it is important for the maintenance work to go ahead. Although there have been disruptions to traffic through the town, Network Rail staff make every effort to reduce the impact on residents and visitors.

Drivers experienced delays and gridlocked traffic during the early stages of the project which involved bringing cranes and construction material onto the site. Traffic management has improved with the occasional aggregate lorry coming in and leaving the site through the day.

The work involves high noise levels, especially when driving the piles into the ground. However, it is worth noting the work does not go ahead late into the night, which is a relief to the community.

School Outreach

It is worth noting the effort Network Rail have made to keep community relations sweet by visiting the local primary school to talk to kids about the construction site safety. They also brought along some branded plastic water bottles which were handed out to the kids. This was a timely gesture during a time when the Coronavirus outbreak meant the use of the communal water fountains was being discouraged. I will leave a discussion of single-use plastic to another time.

Share your thoughts

How has the railway construction work affected you? Do you have any comments about the work and the disruption this has caused to the town? Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments below. You can find out more about the projects by visiting the Network Rail website.


  • The construction work has necessitated 100s of aggregate trucks transiting nearby villages starting sometimes 0600hrs and often with little regard to speed or respect for residents (abusive drivers). Of real concern is NR’s absolute disregard of HMG stay at home policy. This is NOT essential work and has no direct impact on the fight against COVID19. It is a long term pre planned project – non emergency or essential!
    NR PR machine failed to effectively respond to the fact that you are taking advantage of HMG policy ambiguity and putting your workers and the wider community at risk. Both the media and the local MP have been informed of this totally selfish attitude to the current situation we all find ourselves in.

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. I understand the current debate with regards to continuing construction work under the current situation with COVID19. I also agree that there has been some disruption to daily life for the residents of Langport and the surrounding villages. I write in my personal capacity and am in no way part of the NR PR machine and the purpose of this article was to highlight the unusual traffic and construction activity in Langport. We all need to take extra care in the fight against the virus and clear direction from government is essential. The government has in some places left some grey areas as to what activity should or shouldn’t go ahead but hopefully, we will get some clarity regards to construction work. Thanks once again for your comment I really appreciate the interaction

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