Welcome to Langport

Langport, the heart of the Somerset Levels

The ancient market town of Langport stakes its claim as the “Heart” of the Somerset Levels. Its location on the banks of the River Parrett is strategic, having served as a trade route through which goods came into the town. With its central location, Langport became the hub connecting neighbouring villages and it retains that status to this day.

For visitors looking to spend time visiting the Somerset Levels, Langport is the ideal staging point. Neighbouring towns and villages are easily accessible by foot, road or bike. Popular tourist destinations of Glastonbury, Street and Bridgwater are all within 15 miles of Langport. Castle Cary, Yeovil and Taunton also make Langport accessible from further afield via the railway system. The Somerset Levels remain one of England’s most preserved landscapes and the abundance of plant and animal life makes it as unique as any other in the UK.

Langport Facilities

For a town of its size, there are numerous modern facilities which help Langport stay in tune with the 21st Century. In an age where post offices are closing down, Langport retains its own, which has become one of the few post offices left in the area. The town also boasts a local library, independent fashion houses, a pharmacy, independent retailers, a bakers shop and two butchers shops. Add to all this quirky and unique places to eat and the scenic walks along the river on Cocklemoor, you have the perfect makings of an ideal day out. Bare the short hike up The Hill, Langport’s oldest part, and you can enjoy the stunning countrside views.

Stunning Riverside and Moorland Walks

Langport offers some of the most stunning walks you’ll ever experience on the Somerset Levels. With a Free car park just a few feet from the river and a network of footpaths, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include Langport as a stop if you’re passing through.

The mostly level footpaths will take you along the River Parrett, where parts of the trail are maintained with gravel, allowing for wheelchair access. You can choose to head towards the foot bridge parallel to the historic old bridge, or head in the opposite direction to experience walks around the old town.

Benches and picnic tables on Cocklemoor makes the scenic views of the river an ideal picnic spot. If you’re looking for a quiter environment then the Walter Bagehot Town Garden offers a more secure rest area (if you have young children) with excellent views onto North Moor and the railway Via Duct.

Things to Do in Langport

There are many things to do in and around the Town. The highlights of this summer’s activities include a punt down the river in a canoe or on the Duchess of Cocklemoor.

Langport Boat Hire, a recently setup business allows you to hire canoes and kayaks to experience the river from a different perspective. Whether you’re on the water or dry land, the boats going up and down the river makes for an interesting afternoon around Langport.

The Duchess of Cocklemoor, Langport’s own community passenger ferry also makes trips up and down the river and is available for hire as a group or you can just turn up and wait in line.

There’s so much to see and do in Langort and the Town welcomes you with open arms. Whether you’re looking for places to eat in Langport or things to do around the Town, Langport offers something for everyone. We hope you enjoy your visit and stay.